SQL Server 2022 T-SQL Snapshot Backup

Conventional database backups challenges Conventional SQL Server database backups are very flexible, and provide both full and differential backup options. However, they are based on the SQL Server host performing the backup operation by reading the data from the database files in order to write it to the backup location, or during restore, reading the... Continue Reading →

Using PowerMax SnapVX with SQL Server 2019 and Windows Server Failover Cluster – Part 3: Using storage snapshots as database copies

In part 1 of the blog I explained some of the concepts such as what is Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC), what is Failover Cluster Instance (FCI), and how they operate together. I also discussed the different considerations around using SQL Server database files located in Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV), mount-points, or drive letters. Finally,... Continue Reading →

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