Oracle RAC Continuous Availability with SRDF/Metro – Part II (the how)

If you read Part I of the blog then you understand the value of Continuous Availability and how SRDF/Metro offers to keep Oracle Extended RAC deployment simple and resilient. In this section let's focus on how to deploy SRDF/Metro as an Oracle Extended RAC solution (with some added notes and explanations). I'm going to show... Continue Reading →

Oracle RAC Continuous Availability with SRDF/Metro – Part I (the why)

I've divided this blog into two parts, where in the first I go into the reasons for using Oracle Extended RAC and why it makes sense to deploy it with SRDF/Metro, and in the second part I discuss the setup steps. I'm including a demo link showing SRDF/Metro and Oracle RAC behavior when the Biased... Continue Reading →

Have you tried blk-mq?

What is blk-mq? I only heard about blk-mq and scsi-mq a few months ago. Blk-mq stands for block multi-queue and while it isn't a new term for those who follow what's new in the Linux kernel, it is relatively a newcomer to the Enterprise Linux distributions. The idea is to improve the host I/O stack... Continue Reading →

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