Using PowerMax SnapVX with SQL Server 2019 and Windows Server Failover Cluster – Part 2: HammerDB

In part 1 of the blog I covered some of the background and setup steps of using SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance (FCI) with Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC). At the end of part 1 I created two SQL Server instances, one in a vSphere cluster called Boston (simulating my Production environment) and the other... Continue Reading →

Oracle Standby Database Data Integrity Validation with SnapVX

Disclaimer: this blog post was inspired by a specific customer use case of validating the standby database data integrity. However, the same method can be applied to creating snapshots from a standby database for other purposes, such as test, development, and reporting. The problem with data corruptions in a standby database Physical data corruptions include database... Continue Reading →

Have you tried blk-mq?

What is blk-mq? I only heard about blk-mq and scsi-mq a few months ago. Blk-mq stands for block multi-queue and while it isn't a new term for those who follow what's new in the Linux kernel, it is relatively a newcomer to the Enterprise Linux distributions. The idea is to improve the host I/O stack... Continue Reading →

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