Oracle Standby Database Data Integrity Validation with SnapVX

Disclaimer: this blog post was inspired by a specific customer use case of validating the standby database data integrity. However, the same method can be applied to creating snapshots from a standby database for other purposes, such as test, development, and reporting. The problem with data corruptions in a standby database Physical data corruptions include database... Continue Reading →

Shrink Oracle Backup and Recovery Time – Part II (setup and demo)

In Part I of the blog I explained why for large Oracle databases, storage snapshots are the fastest way to create backups and restore/recover the database. In Part II, I'll show an example of setting up rotating hourly snapshots, and how to use one of them to recover the Oracle database. Keep in mind that... Continue Reading →

Have you tried blk-mq?

What is blk-mq? I only heard about blk-mq and scsi-mq a few months ago. Blk-mq stands for block multi-queue and while it isn't a new term for those who follow what's new in the Linux kernel, it is relatively a newcomer to the Enterprise Linux distributions. The idea is to improve the host I/O stack... Continue Reading →

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